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The treacherous Darkhouse desires to expand its empire across the vast oneiric ocean. To enact its wishes, it has sent its infamous henchman, the Phantom Submarine, to enslave the Happy Isles. The only way to stop this elusive vessel is to face the Darkhouse itself! In Nautilion, one or two players work together to race across the ocean and neutralize the Darkhouse before the Phantom Submarine reaches the Happy Isles. You will need to gather a formidable crew and tap into powerful spells to accomplish this heroic task. Take the helm of the Nautilion, control the changing tides, and put an end to the Darkhouse’s delusions of conquest before its destructive fleet reaches its destination!

Designer: Shadi Torbey

Contents: Rulebook, 82 Tokens, 28 Cards, 3 Dice, 5 Boards, 7 Submarine Figures, 1 Darkhouse Figure