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Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox

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Tide of Iron: Next Wave is a board game of squad-level World War Two tactical combat introduced by Fantasy Flight Games in 2006 and licensed to 1A Games in 2013. It features historical authenticity and superb production values. This Days of the Fox Expansion follows the North African campaigns of Erwin Rommel, commander of the Afrika Korps. His exploits earned Rommel the nickname the "Desert Fox." This release of the Days of the Fox expansion remains fully compatible with earlier versions of Tide of Iron products while being upgraded in the Next Wave fashion. New material in this release includes: Four brand new scenarios, one featuring Americans against German Tiger tanks in Tunisia. New optional rules for wade terrain, and using vehicles to transport AT guns. British Army infantry, Matilda tank, Crusader tank, and Bren Gun Carrier. German Panzer III tank. British 6-pounder, U.S. 57mm, and German 88mm anti-tank guns. Scenarios featuring Erwin Rommel ("The Desert Fox") in North Africa (1941-1943). Modular, double-sided map boards for nearly limitless combinations that promote re-playability. Nearly one hundred detailed, historically accurate plastic figures. The starting point for getting into this series is the Tide of Iron: Next Wave Core Set, that includes American and German forces that fought across northwest Europe in 1944-1945. You must own the Tide of Iron: Next Wave Core Set in order to use this expansion.