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Legends and Lairs: Spells and Spellcraft

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Spells & Spellcraft is the definitive d20 System resource for spellcasters. More than 100 new spells for all classes, allowing characters and DMs to add power and variety to their games.

Detailed guidelines on construct design that take the mystery out of creating powerful golems and animated objects of all kinds.
Rituals and ceremonies that grant divine spellcasters extraordinary abilities.
Expanded familiar rules allowing characters to bond with strange creatures and to give their existing familiars additional powers.
Rules detailing new types of magic, including chaos magic, ward magic, and spirit magic.
New item creation feats detailing the crafting of powerful new types of magic items.
Rules for building personal and arcane libraries.
New rules detailing the process and benefits of magical research.
Rules for using alchemy to identify and create poisons and extraordinary materials, as well as several unique alchemy items.
Two new classes of magic items that mold themselves to the characters who wield them.
Several dozen new magic items to augment any campaign setting.