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Legends and Lairs: Path of Shadow

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Taking fantasy combat to the next level!

Introducing the legendary class, a new option for high-level characters who want to make a true impact on their world:

A dozen new prestige classes, each with a unique organization and guidelines for integrating it with your campaign.
More than two dozen new feats, including rage feats that make barbarians even more fierce in the frenzy of battle.
Several alternate core classes that can be used to add flavor to characters from 1st to 20th level.
Fully detailed rules for mounted combat and high-flying acrobatic combat.
A new system of fighting schools that gives characters new options for building unqiue combat styles.
More than a dozen new mounts as well as information on mount equipment and combat capabilities.
A section devoted to describing fantastic locations and the effects of different terrains and environments on combat.
New templates describing the benefits and drawbacks for characters who join an organization.
New equipment and weapon modifications.
A section on running tournaments and games that might be found at a local faire or royal competition, including rules for holding a joust.