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Legends and Lairs: Mastercraft Anthology

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The Mastercraft Anthology provides access to the entire current Legends & Lairs line for next to nothing. Now you can get a good look at each of the books and decide which ones you want to incorporate into your campaign.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included from each book:

Traps & Treachery: Devious, deadly, and downright evil traps that will delight DM’s and terrify players. Each trap is accompanied with a mechanical illustration detailing the workings of the trap and a breakdown of how a rogue might go about discovering and disarming it.

Mythic Races: This chapter explores four complete new player character races. Each race is designed to fit smoothly into any d20 fantasy setting, and includes racial traits, illustrations, and background information like religions, naming conventions, personalities, and history.

Seafarer’s Handbook: The definitive d20 System rules on ship-to-ship combat. This rules system focuses on ship-to-ship engagements – exactly the kind of situation that’s likely to occur in a campaign that takes your characters to the high seas.

Spells & Spellcraft: Naturally this chapter contains new arcane and divine spells, but you’ll also find rules on improving familiars as well as new magic systems like ceremonies, rituals, and the fan-favorite ‘small gods.’

Traps & Treachery II: More delightful and deadly character-crushing goodness.

Path of the Sword: Fighter-related prestige classes accompanied by organizations that explain the role of the prestige class in your world. This chapter also contains rules new and balanced rules for combat-oriented characters like fighting schools, and new options for mounted combat.

Path of Magic: The second book of the four-volume Path series, the Path of Magic section looks at arcane spellcasters with an offering of new prestige classes and new feats.

Path of Faith: This chapter presents a variant cleric core class as well as prestige classes for divine spell-casters and a new type of ritual: racial faith ceremonies.

Path of Shadow: The conclusion of the Path series, this chapter offers the Legendary Class – high-level customizable prestige classes for characters of truly legendary renown, such as the Queen of Shadows, Fortune’s Fool, and the Abyssal Infiltrator.

Monster’s Handbook: After all that effort helping player characters kick ass, this chapter gives the monsters their chance to fight back. From orcs to kobolds the humanoid monster types are explored in detail with their own NPC prestige classes, feats, and templates