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Legends & Lairs Instant Adventure: Olenars Heartstone

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Publisher's blurb: "The taverns here in Gellius are known for their ale, not their mercenaries or their strange clientele. Which is why you find it unnerving when the bartender points you out to a robed and bearded old man. The stranger bows to the bartender, then turns and approaches your table.

"'Good evening, friends,' he says in a thick accent you've never heard before. 'My name is Llivarron, and acolyte of our Master Timmoran.' His eyes flash with power as he says the name. 'I have need of your... unique services. For it takes a brave soul to challenge the Black Band, and I hear that you are the bravest in all of Gellius.' Seeing your interest, Llivarron takes a seat.

"'My fellow acolytes and I are pilgrims here in your land, traveling to the site where the Master first learned the secrets of magic. Part of our group, lead by the wizard Olenar, was to meet us here days ago, but has disappeared in the forest between here and Bandur. I fear that they have fallen to the scourge of the forest, the outlaws known as the Black Band. I need you to find Olenar and the others,' Llivarron says, desperation creeping into his voice. 'And I'm willing to make it worth your effort