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Diskwars: Acolytes of Timorran Army Set

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Rare Factory Sealed Copy

In the darkest hour an unexpected relief comes to the free people of Mennara. Once an outcast, the enigmatic sorcerer Timorran has returned from exile in the south. He brings with him an army of his followers; Acolytes trained in the art of magic, and a strong force of warriors from the Sunderlands.

Timorran has returned to defeat his great enemy, the brother of Timorran's own father; Llovar Rutonu.

Acolytes of Timorran is a magic-heavy faction, and most of its units are fairly expensive. In the basic army set, you receive three fixed flats that contain 2 Carpet Riders, 2 Dervishers, 2 Sunderland Archers, and 4 Men of the Sword.