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Blue Planet: Frontier Justice (Hard Cover)

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While the GEO does its best to keep the peace on Poseidon, the colony world is an often lawless frontier. The Gorchoff Family rules the Haven underworld, the New Rastafarian Movement is the only law on Kingston's canals, and throughout the major settlements of the archipelago, petty crooks and nickel-and-dime hustlers lurk in the shadows, feeding off the unlucky and unwary.

Welcome to Frontier Justice

This sourcebook for Blue Planet™ Second Edition (BPv2) gives players and moderators the resources they need to create and run exciting campaigns featuring crime and law enforcement:

  • Detailed descriptions of criminal activity on the colony world, from computer crime to drug trafficking
  • In-depth coverage of Poseidon's major organized crime syndicates, the Gorchoff Family and the New Rastafarian Movement
  • Overview of criminal investigation, from crime scene analysis to DNA profiling
  • Descriptions of the major law enforcement agencies on Poseidon, from the Native Patrol to the Marshal Service
  • Detailed profiles of major personalities in crime and law enforcement
  • A glossary of slang and jargon used in law enforcement and criminal underworld
  • Three interlinked adventure scenarios in which the players can assume the roles of either the criminals or the lawmen