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Blue Planet: Ancient Echoes (Soft Cover)

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When Dr. Marcus Gottfried genlifted five bottlenose dolphins to human-level intelligence in 2042, he changed the world forever. For the first time, humans found themselves sharing their planet with another sentient species. Since that time, genlifted bottlenoses—and the other species that joined them—have become influential citizens of both Earth and Poseidon. From Hydrospan to the Athena Project, genlifted cetaceans have come into their own and play prominent roles in all aspects of modern society and civilization.

Welcome to Ancient Echoes. This sourcebook for Blue Planet™ Second Edition (BPv2) gives players and moderators the resources they need to fully integrate cetacean characters into their games.

  • Detailed descriptions of cetacean biology, psychology, and culture
  • New cetacean species: common dolphins, belugas, and pilot whales
  • Complete information on cetacean society on Poseidon, including new details on Hydrospan and New Fremantle
  • New rules for cetacean character creation, telepresence, and remote operations that help players create and run exciting and effective cetacean characters