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Anima RPG: Dominus Exxet - The Dominion of Ki

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Set in the fantasy world of Gaïa, Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a critically acclaimed roleplaying game that features a dynamic and flexible system for high adventure and immersive storytelling.

Many supernatural elements reside within the world of Gaïa, among them, the Dominion of Ki. Ki force flows through all life, born by the union of physical and spiritual. Most people find no difference between the Dominion, but those few who learn the techniques to control their flow of Ki gain the potential to surpass all normal human limitations. They might jump buildings, cut bullets in the air, or stop a rain of arrows by raising gales with their swords.

Dominus Exxet: The Dominion of Ki delivers spectacular character possibilities for both players and gamemasters. Create amazing new techniques, invoke fantastic creatures, awaken long-dormant ancestral powers, or confront the enigma of Nemesis, the force opposed to all principles of existence.