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The Neverland Rescue

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Neverland is in peril, as Captain Hook has kidnapped many of its inhabitants! It is up to Peter Pan, with the help of Tinker Bell and the Darling children, to find and rescue their friends. Who will win this battle for control fo the land where you never grow up?

In The Neverland Rescue, one player takes on the role of the heroic Peter Pan, while the other takes on the role of the treacherous Captain Hook. Aided by his pirate henchmen, Captain Hook will hunt down clues and try to find the hideouts of Peter Pan and his companions. In the meantime, Peter Pan and his companions will attempt to avoid the pirates and rescue their missing friends.

Contents: 1 Neverland board, 1 rulebook, 10 character standees, 38 Neverland cards, 3 location cards, 3 goal cards, 2 reference cards, 10 hideout tiles, 40 clue tokens, 1 belief marker, 7 crocodile cards, 1 crocodile standee.