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Doom: The Boardgame (2004) - Expansion Set (Open Copy)

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Doom: The Boardgame Expansion Set promises to dramatically expand and improve the basic game. It includes 36 new figures, including new Invaders (the famous cacodemons from the first Doom game, zombie commandos, winged cherubs, vagaries, revenants, and maggots) and three new marine types.

The expansion also includes a brand new Invader deck that can be used instead of the old one, new map pieces that include airless terrain, rules for competitive deathmatch and capture the flag games, new marine skill cards, and special cards that allow players to tune the difficulty of the game to their liking. New equipment, weapons (the Soul Cube), terrain features, replacement "Dud" cards that rebalance the original game, and an assortment of tokens for the new scenarios round this expansion out.

This product comes from the Fantasy Flight Games Production Archive, which Gamezenter acquired directly from FFG. This copy was among those initial copies sent from the factory production line to FFG for quality control approval.

FFG production archive items are open copies. All FFG production archive copies could have one or more of the following aspects:

- No shrink wrap
- Production Approval sticker from FFG on the front or inside
- Markings inside of box cover with approval dates or production notes
- Punched out/loose components
- Components out of shrink wrap
- Some shelf wear on the box
- To the best of our knowledge these are complete games with no missing parts

Gamezenter is staffed by former FFG employees who are passionate about hobby games and are thrilled to be able to share these pieces of industry history that we helped bring to life.